Religion in the Ozarks

The Ozark Mountains have a long history of deeply conservative religious expression. Robert K. Gilmore, in Ozark Baptizings, Hangings, and Other Diversions, describes the people of the Ozark Mountains as “predominantly Bible-believing, traditional Protestants” who were “strongly aware of the presence in their midst of the ever-zealous devil and were equally zealous in their effortsContinue reading “Religion in the Ozarks”

Author Profile on Bibliotekos Website

My profile is currently published on the Bibliotekos publisher’s website–Editions Bibliotekos. The people at Bibliotekos–Gregory Tague and Fredericka Jacks–have been great to work with. The profile is a literary biography, the writing of which caused me to reflect deeply about why I do what I do. I appreciate the chance to do that. Check itContinue reading “Author Profile on Bibliotekos Website”