Mystery/Thriller Fiction: The Lam Corso Series

For a long time I have enjoyed reading a good mystery or thriller. My favorites are from the genre of Scandinavian Crime Fiction, also called Scandinavian Noir, or Nordic Noir, which tend to be realistic, dark, and morally complex. I really like the writing of Henning Mankell, especially his Kurt Wallander series; Stieg Larson in his Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy; and Jo Nesbo, Arnaldur Indridason, and perhaps my favorite Hakan Nesser. Sacrificial Lam Thriller Cover

On March 3, 2017, my Mainstream Thriller novel Sacrificial Lam was published by Wild Rose Press. I have followed the old maxim of “write what you know,” creating a protagonist, Lam Corso, who is a liberal English professor at a small conservative religious college. Sacrificial Lam is the first novel in a series featuring Lam Corso. Amazon orders (both e-book and paperback) are available at this link. Barnes & Noble orders (e-book only) are available here. Kobo orders (e-book only) are available here.

Blurb: Sacrificial Lam

When English professor Lam Corso receives a death threat at work, he laughs it off.  A liberal activist at a small Southern conservative college, he’s used to stirring up controversy on campus.  It’s just part of the give and take of life.  Even when violently attacked, Lam is convinced it must be a mistake.  He can’t imagine anyone who would want to kill him for his beliefs.

When his home is broken into and his wife’s business vandalized, Lam is forced to face the truth. His wife—a passionate anti-gun crusader—is outraged when Lam brings a gun into the house for protection. The police can’t find a single lead. Left to their own devices, Lam and Susan are forced to examine their marriage, faith, and values in the face of a carefully targeted attack from an assailant spurred into action by his own set of beliefs.

What will it cost to survive?

Excerpt from Sacrificial Lam:

In the silence immediately after Susan screamed, Simon’s high wail came from upstairs. Billy’s voice, screaming, broke through, “Mom? What happened, Mom?” His voiced moved to the top of the stairs. “Mama, I’m scared. Where are you?” Simon was sobbing.

Susan grabbed the flashlight and scrambled to her feet. The darkness of the room pressed in on her, weighted with threat, the silence in the downstairs smothering her voice. She shined the flashlight toward the stairway, heading that way, and yelled, “Boys, can you see the light from the flashlight?”

She flicked the light around the room, and seeing nobody, she yelled again, with less panic this time, “Nothing to be afraid of, Billy. I’m sorry I scared you. You and Simon come on downstairs right now.” She shined the light on the stairway steps, fear crawling up her spine from the darkness behind her.



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