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Evangelical Christianity Redux: Moral Issues?

Here’s a guest post that considers the problematic nature of moral issues in the political realm. It’s a response to Friday’s post on Mike Huckabee and Higher Education

Evangelical Christianity apparently would have us believe abortion and gay marriage are the great moral issues of our day. Undoubtedly these are moral issues, but Christians are deeply divided on these issues. That said, all Christians should agree on this: both the Old Testament and the New Testament teach us that the great ongoing moral issues revolve around loving justice, walking humbly with your God, and practicing kindness and mercy toward “the least of these my brethren,” which includes taking care of “orphans, widows and the poor and welcoming the sojourner” (read immigrants).

In that light, taking away healthcare from 20 million Americans who need it most is most certainly a moral issue, not a political disagreement. Advocating building walls to separate us and excluding immigrants from certain Muslim countries are also moral issues. These actions are clear political ploys to stir up racial and religious hatred and to make us fearful of each other. Racial bias is still prevalent in our communities. Ignoring this prejudice under the guise of “law and order” is dishonest and wrong.

We are failing to live up to God’s charge to us in Genesis to be the gardeners of this Eden we call Earth. It is a grave moral issue to refuse to deal with climate change and pollution because it reduces the profits of the wealthy.

Finally, Micah calls us to “walk humbly.” Any person who engages in demeaning, belittling, disrespectful, bullying, name calling behavior, who fosters fear and hatred between communities and countries, who ignores the poor and disadvantaged, is doing wrong, plain simple wrong. Especially such actions by a person in great power should be vigorously condemned by every practicing Christian, regardless of their denomination.

Indeed, in our day, there are many moral issues that need desperately to be addressed.

George Benjamin, MD



  1. I can’t add anything to George Benjamin’s post. It is excellent.

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