I’ve started reading a very engaging book about emotional truth, emotional belief, and its validity. The title pretty much describes the contents–Unapologetic: Why, Despite Everything, Christianity can still make Surprising Emotional Sense, by the well-known British writer Francis Spufford. The book has been hailed widely by critics as a refreshing and challenging treatment of the subject, and it has been denounced by others, mostly for Spufford’s free use of profanity.

I’m enjoying it, including the profanity, and I’m sure I’ll be posting on it later. I’ll just share the last lines of the first chapter as a teaser.

He calls the book “a defense of Christian emotions–of their intelligibility, of their grown-up dignity. The book is called Unapologetic because it isn’t giving an ‘apologia,’ the technical term for a defense of the ideas.  And also because I’m not sorry.”

Nuff said for now.