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Literature of the Ozarks

Month: February 2007

Article in “Life in the Ozarks”

The February issue of Life in the Ozarks, a regional paper that covers a wide variety of topics about Ozark life and people, includes a full-page article, written by editor Alice Chambers, using information from my web site.  The article offers both biographical information and information about A Late Flooding Thaw. You can check out the paper using the imbedded link above.

“Sestina for Annie” Nominated for Pushcart Prize

I was recently informed by the editor of Ghoti magazine, C. L. Bledsoe, that he had nominated my poem “Sestina for Annie” for a Pushcart Prize.  Ghoti published the poem last year after I had met C. L. at a poetry conference in the Arkansas Delta.  The poem was written for my wife, Mary Ann, and can be found in the Ghoti archives in Issue # 5.

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