I write fiction and poetry set in the southern Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas. My work, in both literary fiction and mystery/thriller fiction, attempts to recreate rural and small-town life in this area and to expose the fault lines between culture, love, and the individual. Read More.


I have also been on a long spiritual journey, which began in small-town Southern Fundamentalism and has arrived, for the present, at Episcopal liberalism. I have grown interested in the cross-currents between Eastern and Western religion, specifically between Buddhism and Christianity.

So in the blog page of this website, I want to explore both literature and religion:  the voice of the imagination in love with reality, and the voice of the spirit in love with eternity.

1) Literature: Writers and Writing

Certain writers open the world to me in a way that tastes delicious, or punches me in the mouth, or makes love to me so that I want to keep coming back for more. Whenever that happens, I want to share the experience with someone, maybe talk a little bit about what the words did to me and hear what they did to someone else. It might be a poem or a piece of fiction or creative nonfiction. Heck, it might be something I read on NPR or in the newspaper (ah, a dying form of communication). So if I read about a writer or something by a writer that gives me a charge, I’ll share it here and hope it gives you a charge too.

In addition, twice a month I publish a writers’ column in the newsletter of The Village Writing School, which discusses various elements of fiction writing.

2) Religion: Spiritual Journey

I seek the Source of love and peace and strength. I am often surprised at the places it may be found. When I wander into those places, I’ll share them here.

You can contact me at the following locations: gary.guinn@gmail.com, Facebook, Amazon, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Twitter